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Chang Xing Da Company was established in 2002.The company has a floor area of 2,000 square meters. Its main business is an integration of planting, processing, and exporting organic Goji Berry. By taking a model of “Company+ Farms+ Standardized Management,” the company formed several organic Goji farms with a total area of 10,000 mu (666.67 Ha). Meanwhile, the technics of planting, processing, and managing organic Goji berry were successfully researched and developed. Our organic Goji berries are certified by ECOCERT and CERES, which are authoritative organic food certification institutions. All of our organic Goji berries are exported, and the market demand exceeds our supply. The sales nets are expanded to more than 25 countries in the world.

Newstar is the development of Chang Xing Da company, and it is an international company which expoerts organic Goji berries. Newstar has a floor area of 8,000 square meters, and one quarter of this area is structure area. Newstar is prepared to be constructed on 2012 and is completed on July 2014. Newstar’s completion aims at increasing international market shares. Meanwhile, it promotes the deep process of organic Goji-based products. Now, organic Goji berry and Goji powder product lines have been constructed successfully. Goji powder product line uses technic of freeze-drying, which is an introduced technology of Netherlands. Most of our Goji powder exports to the United States and England. Now, the production of organic Goji juice and preserved organic Goji berries is in preparation.

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Company Name: Chang Xing

Company Address

 Country: China

 City: Wulashan

 Zip / Postal Code: 014400

 Street Address: Industrial Park South of bridge Wulashan Town Qianqi Ba yan nao er Inner Mongolia

Tel: 0086 478 2651500

Business Type: Manufacturer

Company Website Url: http://organicgojicxd.com/

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